Tuesday, 12 February 2008

On the advantages of the Internet

Years ago, I saw a signature quote to the effect that the Internet makes it hard to be truly perverted. If you enter a search query "people who have sex with burning mutant goats" you would get back the message "Specify breed of goat".

Why is this relevant? Well, I was poking around the Vélo-Québec website, when I came across a link to the 6e Salon du Vélo or Expodium. It describes itself as "the only consumer show in the province of Quebec dedicated exclusively to the world of bicycles and cycling tourism." I.e. more or less my particular perversion! :-)

I don't know how truly useful it will be for me and the planning of the trip. One of the events is the municipality of Chénéville proposing "Le Tour du Lac-Simon-BMR. Randonnées à vélo de 20, 40 ou 70 km." I had never heard of either. Looking up Chénéville in my Quebec Road Atlas, I found out that it is a bit to the north of Montebello. I guess my point is that it is a cycle touring event in the sense of touring biking around a defined and relatively small space rather than long distance travel by bike. Which definition the Salon du Vélo gives to cycle tourism is evidently debatable.

With luck, their definition will be broad enough to cover my type of cycle-touring. In any case, some of the events look fun even they aren't actually useful, so
it looks like it will be worth the $10 admission charge. Besides, if Devinci bicycles will be there it must be good! Won't it? ;-)

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