Monday, 4 February 2008

On doing the math

Today I spent some time using Google Maps and Excel to add up a better idea of just how far it is to Norris Point, Newfoundland from Montreal. Using the former, I could calculate the distances between certain way point locations. Using the latter, I could both record the distances and add them up. It produced some interesting results. It also made me wish there was a bike equivalent of Google Maps.

The total distance is1993 km. Of this, 858 km are in Quebec, 782 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and 353 km in Newfoundland. Of course, this is only the basic distance. Not included are the assorted wiggles required by seeking shelter, food and other supplies. Also not included are various optional segments such as going all the way out to Caraquet on the Acadian Peninsula, which would add at least 100 km but would be rather interesting. Likewise, going to see the Confederation Bridge would add 54 km to the trip.

The Excel file should prove fairly useful as it will allow me to plan in greater detail the amount of time I will need to cover the distance. It should also permit me to establish a timetable of sorts letting me know where I am relative to a median journey. If the weather is great, and I am making good time, then I might indulge in a side trip. If the weather is bad, then I might decide to hole up in a motel for the day, confident that I still of a certain number of days in reserve before my flight from Deer Lake. Furthermore, by having the information about the relative lengths of various side trips with me, I will be able to make more accurate decisions about whether to do them.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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