Wednesday, 5 March 2008

On updates

I have just spent an hour or so update and correcting some of my previous posts. In addition, I have some updates on things mentioned earlier.

After writing my leap day post about the the possibility of a train from Montreal to Sherbrooke (among other things), I wrote an e-mail to the Montreal Gazette endorsing the idea while leaving out my reservations about the effectiveness of its BQ support. I was pleased to see that it was published on Monday. I was further amused by the fact my Mother knew about the letter. A neighbour of my parents had been reading a letter about the recent controversy about very lousy bagels being sold as Montreal-style in Hamilton (the neighbour runs a very good grocery store and takes her bagels seriously) and had noticed my letter. She pointed it out to my Mother.

I had supper with the cousin whom Margo and I thought might be interested in joining the expedition from Quebec City onwards on Sunday night. Alas, he doesn't think he is up to our standards.

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