Friday, 1 May 2009

On a decent Friday

I (finally) got confirmation of my late summer vacation period at work. Three weeks starting Labour Day weekend. Now I have fewer excuses about coming to a conclusion about where I wish to bike this year. Plan A. remains Victoria to Calgary. Plan B. was Marseille to London or similar, but after chatting to Jean my cousin-in law from Belgium who was raving about a bookstore in Lille in the North of France, I am wondering if perhaps, Bordeaux-Lille via the coast might also be appealing. One idea would be to follow the pilgrimage route that eventually becomes the Camino Francés. No reason to rush.

In other news, about a year ago, I submitted an article to Momentum magazine about the Tour de l'Île. I am please to announce that with some modification, they have published it on-line, but not in print. You can see it using this link.

It has been a decent Friday.

Post Posting Script

It is turning into a decent weekend as well. On Saturday morning, I found this article about my hero, Pete Seeger, on the BBC website. Also, there is a big shindig in North Hatley this evening.

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Margo and Chris said...

What fun that you got published in Momentum! Yay Daniel!