Tuesday, 5 May 2009

On a hell of a party and the proper usage of the Chair

Last weekend was the annual April birthday party of my family. For some reason, a significant number of people in my family have birthdays in April. Rather than celebrate the individual days, a tradition has developed over the years to celebrate them all at once, thus saving resources. This event more or less doubles as a family reunion on my father's side of the family. This year's shindig was particularly large, featuring no less than all six of my father living siblings in attendance. Also featured were no less than 8 members of the great-grandchildren generation (counting from from my gradndparents.) Cutest among them was, of course, my niece, the newest member of the April birthday club. (It is quite possible that I am biased.) Much food and drink were consumed and many people had the violin played at them by my cousin in-law Martine. We are a tribe of unruly gourmands.
My cousin Andrew being played to by Martine

More pictures here.

In addition, the "share and cuddle" function of my chair was put through its paces. On three separate occasions different pairs of people sat together.
Here we have yours truly reading to Adéle Désirée.
Rebecca with her son Declan.
Last but not least, Josée with her daughter Sarah. This last picture shows off the colour scheme of the restored chair particularly well.

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