Saturday, 16 May 2009

On the new old

The parents were in Montreal on Thursday. They kindly took back with them, my old kitchen table. This allowed me to put an antique table that my late Aunt* Lorna had had in her dining room in North Hatley. My brother Philip had inherited it he passed on to my sister Alice. However as she wasn't going bring it with her to Namibia, I am storing it for her. Unfortunately, I have found out that it is too large to cover with South American aguayos. I will need to buy a tablecloth for it.
(* For those readers not related, "Aunt Lorna" was in fact my great-aunt on my mother's side.)

In addition, my parents brought in my restored Elizabethan chair. Here it is, lurking in my bedroom. It still need some work with a staple gun as well as time to lose the paint smell. But time it has, unlike my film camera which took this picture. I hadn't used it since last summer when I took some shots of Pete Seeger in concert with his grandson Tao Rodriquez-Seeger. To be honest, I wasn't even sure if the camera still had film in it. The concert pictures didn't come out that well due to assort lighting problems. That they came out at all is a testament to something. Here are the two best shots of the lot.
I nearly didn't include this second one, but it features Pete on his signature instrument: a five-string banjo with an extra-long neck. The roll of film had been in my camera for quite a long time. As near as I can figure it, I must have put it in the camera on my first bike tour back in November 2006. There weren't any biking pictures, but there was this shot of Stephen and Margaret in what I am pretty sure is their kitchen in Victoria. At least, what was their kitchen. I understand they moved a month or so ago.
Rather embarassing to have so abandonned my old film camera. However, it does go to show how practical digital really is.

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