Saturday, 22 May 2010

On getting back to London

Well, I'm back in London at the same youth hostel. Unlike the last time, it is very hot out.

Looking back over the last two days, I think that I was so focused on getting to Bromyard, that I didn't give too much thought to what happened at that point. As a result, I missed a couple of opportunities. The first was going to visit the National Trust site at Brockhampton, about two miles East of Bromyard. I thought about it, but didn't feel like getting back on the bike, until it was too late in the day. The Brockhampton site is a moated medieval farmhouse complex.

The second missed opportunity relates to the fact that I mis-remembered the opening hours of Cadenheads in London and didn't double check my notes. As a result I thought it closed at 16:30 on Saturdays, rather than the accurate figure of 6:30 PM. Consequently, I was in too much of hurry in Gloucester and caught the 13:15 train, rather than one an hour or two later. My hurry was partly due to anxiety about leaving the bike and gear behind while I gave the Cathedral the attention it deserved. I had found that the Gloucester civic tourist centre in the curfew bell tower were happy to watch over Leonardo, but the residual worry kept me from taking full advantage of this.

Gloucester was better than Ben's opinion made it seem. However, the Tailor of Gloucester shop and museum lacked ceramic wares relating to that book suitable for my nieces and nephew. More's the pity. I did get myself a Tailor of Gloucester mug. Someone I spoke to said that the Tailor of Gloucester was among Beatrix Potter's favourites.

Time to hunt down some supper.

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Margo and Chris said...

I remember "The Tailor of Gloucester" was Philip's favourite at one point. He used to call it "Tailee Glostee." He was quite small.