Sunday, 23 May 2010

On taking chances

The staff member at the Youth Hostel that I spoke to, didn't seem to know thereabouts of my bike box, so I will have to go the Air Canada plastic bag and limited release route. Actually, this makes getting to Heathrow a mite easier in some ways. However, it does make getting home from Trudeau a little more difficult. I will ask again if anyone knows about the box tomorrow morning, if not, I wouldn't mind lift back from the airport. Air Canada flight 865 getting in at 17:50. I probably could try a bike shop or two, but given tomorrow is a bank holiday, I don't think it is worth it.

I spent today tooling around Central London on Leonardo. I started at Madame Tussaud's where I was rather disappointed in that not only has Mr. Rush's effigy been removed, but Lance Armstrong was nowhere to be seen even though signs claimed he was there! I am not impressed. I would have liked to take my photograph with him, especially as I had my bike helmet on hand.

I then rode through Hyde Park and along the Mall to Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, the latter was closed to tourists on account of it being Sunday. Bloody Christians. I then hit up some of the major bookstores, followed by lunch and a trip to the London Transport Museum (very interesting).

I then rode over the Tower Bridge to get a shot of myself on Leonardo on the iconic bridge. This was the furthest a-field I have been in London. I got slightly lost coming home, or rather London streets got in my way. While the map said there was a street, access to said street was often problematic. Also, the Smithfield market got in the way. Still, I am back at the Youth Hostel, safe and sound despite taking the chance biking in the Big Smoke! Gorgeous day, many, many people and bikes out and about.

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