Sunday, 2 May 2010

On things that went right

My previous entry was a bit negative so I will say a few good things to keep in positive spirits. Leonardo got through customs ahead of me and was waiting, unattended, on a trolley near the baggage carousel. I only noticed after I had pulled out a trolley. With a cry of "Leonardo! You made it!" I abandoned the first trolley and headed over to him.

When I got to the Youth Hostel, (across the street from the British Library!), I assembled him on the sidewalk (i.e. the pavement in the British parlance) outside the front door. I attracted a number of stares as well as a few comments. One was from someone who said I might start to look like I was having fun. Another asked if I had mailed it to myself. Nothing appears wrong with Leonardo, so I am set to get on the train to York tomorrow.

As it is raining today, I went to the British Museum along with several thousand other people who had the same idea. Along the way, I got slightly lost and before I found the museum, I stopped in at a Waterstone's bookstore where I hoped I could get some batteries as my rechargeables are giving me trouble. They did sell batteries in their stationary department but it only opened at noon, a few minutes away. I sarcastically muttered something about what a "bore" it was for a librarian to have to kill time in a bookshop. ;-) Anyway, I got some new rechargeable and pre-charged batteries.

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Anonymous said...

When I was in London, I thought I'd make a quick tour of the British Library and move on to somewhere else.... And spent most of the day there. Wonderful exhibits. Highly recommended! Susan