Thursday, 12 June 2014

On my magazine subscriptions

I was completing Momentum Magazine's annual survey on my lunch hour, when in the process of answering one of their questions, I realised something.  The question was: "What other biking magazines do you read?"  My answer was "Adventure Cyclist" and "Vélo-Mag".  I have subscriptions to both.  The former was started by Margo and continued by me.  The latter is a by-product of being a member of Vélo-Québec.

What I realised was not that I subscribed to three bike magazines but that those three subscriptions represented all of my magazine subscriptions! ;-)  I am not sure what this says about me.  Maybe if I should subscribe to "Moose Spotters Monthly" or something...

Anyway, I finished the survey and put in my mother's name to receive a free copy of Momentum.

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Susan Gwyn said...

Thank you!

I had a major consultation on bike seats yesterday, time on the spinner and a new seat with a thirty day test period. Feeling optimistic!