Tuesday, 24 June 2014

On my return to Winnipeg

After a shaky couple of days that had me calling James to release stress, I am quite happy to be in Winnipeg with Leonardo reassembled without much trouble or damage from transit. While putting him back together, I did notice a few spots of rust, hither and yon. I have made mental note to discuss the corrosion with my bike shop.

My flight was on WestJet as they had the optimum combination of price, schedule and aircraft. It turned out to be part of a service to Vancouver. I can't quite fathom taking a stopping flight from Montreal to Vancouver when non-stops are available. Weirder still was the fact that it was also some sort of code share with Air France! I pity the unsuspecting Frenchman on vacation to Vancouver!  My seatmate was an older woman originally from Dublin on her way to Vancouver. I spent much of the flight watching the World Cup. I nearly cheered when Greece scored against Côte d'Ivoire.

After Leonardo was reassembled, I sorted my clobber out of my duffle bag and into my panniers. I then went off on Leonardo on a short trial run in to find some supper in the form of a Danish bistro.

On my return, I booked my beds for the next two nights in Saint-Malo and Karlstad Minnesota, respectively.

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