Sunday, 8 June 2014

On an unfortunate month for Floria die Fleddermoose

It has not been a good month for Floria die Fleddermoose, a.k.a. my commuting bicycle.  On the 14th of May, while riding to work, I noticed that there was a distinct bulge in the front wheel that boded poorly. As I had replaced an inner tube on the back wheel the weekend before, I decided to go to MEC to buy some new tires (front and back) that evening.  This event went less than smoothly as while I was replacing the old tires at MEC, I broke one of my tires spoons, which meant I had to go back in to buy another tire spoon!
 Having removed the front tire and looked firmly at the location of the perceived damage, I was quite convinced of the wisdom of replacing the tires.  While the rear tire didn't have that particular damage, I had removed a large, puncture causing staple from it less than a week before and therefore figured that I had better kill two birds with one stone.
 That was not the end of my travails. I had been noticing that there was a persistent ticking sound coming from Floria that I believed might be ascribed to the fact that the rear tire was a bit out of true.  I made a half-hearted attempt at straightening it which may have been misguided. After giving up, I made an appointment with my local bike shop to get the wheel trued by a professional.  As Montreal is in the rush period for bikes, I got an appointment for next Wednesday.

Last night, my DVD player pooped out on me after more than ten years of faithful service. This morning I rode off to get a new DVD player at the Angrignon Mall.  Shortly after leaving with my purchase, I heard and felt a "sproing" noise followed by a rhythmic "tunk-tunk" noise which I associated with "bad bike news".  I stopped and saw the following:
One of the spokes had pulled itself out of the rim, leaving a hole that meant it was time to replace the rim.  I trudged in the direction of the Angrignon Metro Station only to find out that bikes weren't allowed on as it because of the CENSORED F1 race that was taking place at that time.  Thankfully, I was able to find a taxi to drive me to the bike shop where I was able to share my woes and ask them to order a replacement wheel. Steve (who seems to run the place) was kind enough to let me leave Floria there while awaiting the mechanic's attention.

With the benefit of time and a little perspective, I can see that while I have a certain cause to be annoyed, if not PO'd, there are several upsides to today's woes.  First, it happened on a sunny, warm Sunday when there were no demands on my time very near an assortment of means of transportation, including at the worst, a not impossible (4 km at the most) walk home.  Secondly, I do have another bike, viz Leonardo.  Thirdly, my local bike shop is able to get me a replacement wheel by about Thursday.  Fourthly, while it comes at an inconvenient time financially, I have a job that pays well enough for me to able to pay for a new wheel without worry. One of the junior managers at work is a fellow cyclist. From various conversations with her, I have the distinct impression that she makes significantly less than I do as she seems to regard buying one these as a financial hardship.

Memo to self: bring some corroplast to work tomorrow to jobber her some fenders.

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Margo and Chris said...

I once did quite a bit of inexpert truing on my Devinci bike. It was on the rear wheel, which is dished asymmetrically. It later came "undished" and rubbed on the brake as I was trying (unsuccessfully)to keep up to a group of speedsters.

Moral: anything more than the most minor emergency truing is best left to a bike shop person.