Wednesday, 9 July 2014

On American beer

One of my anxieties about biking in the United States was American beer. This was a minor one. However, I do enjoy a good beer at the end of the day and typical American beer has been compared to making love in a canoe. The Frantics made the comment "We [Canadians] may have a devalued dollar, but [the Americans] have devalued beer."  The astute reader may well deduce that I don't consider typical American beer as good beer.

However, my anxiety was all for nought as I am sitting in Timber Charlie's in Newberry, Michigan on the last American night of my trip with a sampler of four different craft beers in front of me. I have not had to confront or consume Spudweiser or Coors or whatever Lite on this trip.

In Boulder Junction, I ate both nights at the Aqualunge Alehouse which features about a dozen different craft beers on tap in rotation. The first night they had Raftman from Unibroue on tap. I am reasonably sure I sampled 6 of them. On the second there was a "Cheese shop" type incident when I asked for beer A only to be told the cask had just been installed and wasn't on line yet. When asked for beer B, they had just ran out of it! They did have my third choice.

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