Wednesday, 9 July 2014

On today's lack of significant events


...I can't think of anything terribly exciting.

-Didn't go into "Honest Injun's Tourist Trap."
-Got rained on sufficiently to deploy rain gear for the first time this trip.
-Saw a turkey vulture up close. They aren't birds that bear close scrutiny.
-Chatted with a man who was cleaning his riding mower by driving it down a boat ramp.
-Had a vanilla malt at the Moose du Nord Ice Cream Shoppe.
-Was surprised Newberry had a large state prison. (Not something they tend to advertise in tourist brochures.)
-Figured out that bikes are allowed on the Sault Ste. Marie Bridge.
-Phoned Gregory in the Soo to work details of my stay.

It's my last day on the road tomorrow and it looks like the weather will be nice.

Oh. Alice posted pictures of little Kerry on her Picasa site.

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