Wednesday, 16 July 2014

On maps and photographs

I had made a point of bringing a road map with me on the flight from the Soo. My hope was that I could use it to work out what I was looking at. I am that sort of a person.

At some point, I was mentally pondering the route I might take from the Soo to Montreal next year. I was trying to work out the approximate distances in my head before deciding it was a silly thing to do as all I needed to was to pull out the map and use it to get an approximate idea of what I was up against. I took out a pencil and had fun making vaguely arcane scribbled markings on the map. The only new conclusion was that I will need a good map of the bike routes through and around Toronto before I leave Guelph, if not before I leave Montreal. Big cities are trickier to get into than out of on a bicycle. As the trip is nearly a year away, I should have plenty of time to procure such a map (or maps). As I write this, I am half wondering if I shouldn't use the layover I will have in Toronto in September on my way to Clearwater to procure one.

(Hmm, maybe I should bring a map of Canada with me on the train.)

I have uploaded most of the photographs from my trip. You can find them here. Some have been added to select blog entries.

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