Friday, 12 February 2016

On being too stubborn to come out of the rain

Mark and I took Kerry, Maria and Anna to Raccoons this morning. Kerry continued her campaign to reduce me to a nervous wreck by quietly toddling out into the hall and into the girls' bathroom while no one was looking. ;-)

The weather is very mild and it was almost sunny when we walked home. This lured me into going for a walk after lunch. It was sprinkling lightly as I left but I assumed it would let up. About two hours later, I returned rather wet having been too stupid and/or stubborn to turn back earlier.

Anna commented rather directly on my dampness when I came in like a drowned rat. Mad dogs and Englishmen.

I have noticed that the Canadian is the cause of a certain amount of anxiety for me on this trip as I am dependent on Alice and Mark for transport to and from the minimal station which is problematic given the poor predictability of the train.

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