Sunday, 7 February 2016

On a siding in Hornepayne

The Train was making decent time until Hornepayne. I moved to the forward dome car to look ahead where I saw that there was only one coach car before the baggage car but two Ch√Ęteau cars beyond that. Train gossip suggests that they are being deadheaded back West after hauling a tour group to Toronto.

After an hour and the sighting of the first wildlife so far (three crows) train shunted itself off the main line onto a siding. It was announced that the track ahead was blocked by a single-car derailment. There were crews dealing with the situation but we would be delayed for at least another two hours. Three container trains have joined us on the sidings. I explained to a fellow passenger that while only one car had derailed, given that freight cars often weigh over 100 tons when loaded, it still took time and equipment to get a car back on the track.

So here we are at least three hours late, and still no definitive word from CN as to when the track will be clear. The doors have just been reopened for the benefit of the smokers!

The only plus is that Hornepayne has cell coverage.

9.22 PM Moving again, with luck, this isn't just shunting to make space.

9.26 PM No such luck.

9.39 PM Moving. Feels definitive.

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