Saturday, 6 February 2016

On the train again

Well, I'm on train to Toronto catch the Canadian to Clearwater. As a winter vacation I must confess this is both eccentric and self-indulgent, but I got a nice discount from Via Rail and will soon get a nice raise courtesy of legislation introduced by the Province at least a decade ago. There is a light snowfall happening as I zoom through the flat lands.

My supervisor on hearing I would be taking the Canadian from Toronto asked without a trace of sarcasm how I would I be getting to Toronto? Driving? Flying? I gave her a disbelieving stare as I thought she would have twigged to the idea that taking the train from Montreal was the most obvious way for me to go. Then again she lives in suburban Laval.

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Susan Gwyn said...

I thought of you as we were skating on Little Lake Magog, Fil, Dominique, Désirée, Laurent and I. Bon voyage.