Friday, 25 September 2009

On being blasted North

I got off to a fairly good start today. It was very calm as I left Fort MacLeod, but after Claresholm the wind picked up and unexpectedly, but very enjoyably, it was from the South, rather than the West. I have been bombing along Highway 2 at high speed.
Avro Canada CF-100 Mk. 3

I had planned to stop in Nanton as there is an air museum complete with an Avro Lancaster you can go inside. However, I had expected to get there a little after lunch, sometime well after 1 PM. Instead, I got to Nanton before noon, 80 odd kilometers worth at an average speed of 28 km/h!!!!
The air museum was very good and had a surprisingly large collection of aircraft. Labour of love and all that.
The highway has at least two design of rumble strip. One is the relatively typical design.
Standard rumble strip

The other is relatively wider but shallower. This last one is much less of a bother for bikes. I refer to it as a "mumble strip" rather than a rumble strip! (Not that I am complaining!)
"Mumble strip"

I am wondering if the Calgary C-Train might a good way to get Downtown with greater ease. While the purists might scoff, the clever will see the advantage of not having to navigate city streets with a loaded bike and mild time constraints. Ah well, back in the saddle time.


The C-Train does take bikes without issue on Saturdays. Furthermore, there are useful stations both on the Southern edge of Calgary and very near the MEC. Unfortunately, the MEC is low on the size and colour of duffle bag I want to get! I have already got some duct tape for the bike box. I have just checked in for my flight, and I think I have got a pretty good seat. At least, thinks so.

It is only just striking me that tomorrow is the last day of my trip. It has been a hell of ride, with any number of "Bring me that horizon" moments. If tomorrow is anything today, this trip will have ended on a very high note. Sometimes on this trip I have had moments when I have been so out of myself, that I suddenly "realize" that "Hey, Bikemoose is doing this! This is me!!!" To be honest, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing!
"Bring me that horizon"

Many thanks to all those who helped make this trip possible.

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