Saturday, 19 September 2009

On Nelson, B.C.

Well, unlike Hope, B.C., Nelson is much more open about it's movie heritage, viz, Steve Martin's Roxanne, with a number of references and murals around town. After all, Roxanne is much more P.C. than First Blood.

Nelson is also hot spot for "misfits" from around. I was surprised to here a lot of Quebec French spoken around town by young people including a squad of dreadlocked ne'er-do-wells. There are many signs of new age-y silliness including a raw food restaurant. Maybe there was the same in Kelowna but here in Nelson, it is all on Baker Street, in one obvious place.

There is a "fat tire bike festival" happening this weekend. I believe this refers to mountain bikes or possibly more extreme forms of bikes.

I seem to have fallen into a relative river of cycle-tourists in the last day or so. Yesterday, there were two heavily laden touring bikes outside the restaurant I had supper in. Today, I past a laden tourer going the other way. We waved and kept on going on the good road.

In Nelson, I hit one bike shop for intel about the Gray Creek to Cranbrook Forestry Service Road. In the process I found the bike sticker I had been looking for: something that symbolized B.C. without actually saying "B.C." It is a native depiction of a raven in red.

While I was about to enter another bike shop, I ended up in a conversation with another DeVinci riding cycle-tourist who turned out to be staying not only in the same hostel but also the same room! As we are traveling in roughly opposite directions, we swapped information about road conditions and the like.

At supper in an Indian restaurant, I fell into a conversation with the couple at the next table. I don't remember where he came from but she was from Quebec. We chatted a bit in French. She complimented me on my lack of an accent, before I used an anglicism, or possibly an anglo turn of phrase. People are really quite friendly here.
Oh, for Mummy's note, I saw an old Triumph convertible here in Nelson.

Ainsworth Hot Springs tomorrow!!!!!

Insane climb and descent followed by long logging road the day after.

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