Tuesday, 8 September 2009

On leaving Vancouver, shortly

Well, I was just checking the weather forecast before I got dressed, and I thought a quick entry would do the trick. Yesterday, I saw Kristine, Kevin, Julianne and Elizabeth.
Julianne was delighted with her (somewhat large) biking shirt.
Elizabeth was fairly grumpy most of the time. I understand she was hungry and in need of a nap. The ladies and I walked to the Cleveland Dam to look up at Grouse Mountain and the clouds surrounding them. Actually, that is not entirely true: Julianne rode her bike in her new bike shirt.
Leaving them, I rode down the hill to the Seabus. While I was on the Seabus I noticed that I had lost a bolt and nut. While still on the ferry, I replaced them, and tightened them thoroughly along with a few other likely looking bolts. I then hit MEC for some more bolts, locking nuts and some other supplies.

I then had supper with Rosie and Cecil, an aunt and uncle from the paternal side of the family. I had been trying to figure out if Rosie had ever met Margo. The only definitive proof I could come up with was at my parents' wedding when both acted as bridesmaids! Rosie agreed with this analysis, but then Cecil thought that he remembered Margo from some party in North Hatley, which would have put the last meeting at a much later date. Such as "only" twenty years ago!

Anyway, back to work.

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