Saturday, 5 September 2009

On waiting

Well, I'm waiting for my lift to the airport. It turns out that my flight from Montreal to Vancouver is actually part of a longer flight from Paris(!) to Vancouver. That would explain the use of "heavy iron" on a domestic flight. It also explains why the flight is currently an estimated 15 minutes late leaving Montreal, as it was nearly 30 minutes late leaving Paris.

In the interest of economy, I didn't select my seats until I checked in last night. The seats offered me turned out to be rated among the best in economy according to the seat Guru website. I suspect that Air Canada asks for a little more money for those seats if you select your seat ahead of time, which means people tend to go for the cheaper seats, leaving the good seats up for grabs for the true cheapskates like me!

So far I have nearly forgotten to pack my tool kit, pedals(!) and to remove my city pump, as I have already packed my touring pump. A friend of the family once said: "One is anxious up until the time you remember what it is you have forgotten. Then you can relax."

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