Thursday, 29 April 2010

On the bike box, putting the wheels

After a conversation with Margo last night, I took some photographs of the wheels I attached to the bike box I will be taking to Britain. I procured them from my father who also provided an axle and attached the red axle firmly to a piece of green corroplast using various bits of wire and copper. Possibly a bit too much as well as a mite too wide for the box. I put a second piece of white corroplast over the axle, sandwiching it between them.
I then firmly duct taped it to the box. I also trimmed the corroplast back a bit so as to have a better purchase for the duct tape.
I think I have got it solidly attached, but tomorrow will be the acid test.
I put the wheels at one end of the box, and cut a handhold on the other. The theory is that doing it this way will avoid overhang problems. My trial runs in my apartment have gone fairly smoothly. Then again, my apartment floor is quite smooth! However, my sense of the structural issues involved suggest that it will stand up to what is asked of it.

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Margo and Chris said...

Looks a bit like something MacGyver would do!