Monday, 26 April 2010

On a good test run

I put Leonardo into the reinforced bike box yesterday. I haven't sealed it up on the grounds that it is best to wait until the last minute until doing so. I have attached a set of wheels that I obtained from my father to the box in order to make it easier to move around. I am hoping that it will make it very easy to schlep the box around Montreal, Heathrow and London.

I also procured tickets for the no. 747 bus. This bus is a nominally express, city bus that runs to the airport. I say nominally, as it stops at several hotels and (conveniently for me) the Lionel-Groulx Metro station before charging off to the airport. As well, the tickets cost $7, considerably more than the standard fare. However, it is somewhat cheaper than the inconvenient licensed banditry practiced by the normal airport bus. (BTW, the number of the bus was deliberately chosen in order to evoke the romance of international air travel associated with the Boeing 747.

After work today, I rode over to the Mountain Equipment Co-op to procure some last minute odds and ends for my trip as well as some non-essentials. Coming home along Park avenue, I decided that I would liven up the trip by going over Mount Royal via the Camillien Houde parkway. For those of you unfamiliar with Montreal, going up this road on a bicycle is a challenge. Arguably one of the toughest on the Island of Montreal, it is often included in the circuit when professional cyclists come to race in Montreal. As such, I felt it was a useful preparation for the North Britain trip as while nothing in Great Britain is as high as the Rockies, what British roads lack in height, they oft times make up for in steepness. In addition, the ad hoc, after work nature of the jaunt, made it a fairly accurate gauge of my fitness level. I am pleased to say that while it winded me a bit, I made it without stopping. However, in all honesty I was passed by two cyclists on road racers very shortly before the summit.

Thus, I think I can say to North Britain: "Bring it on". However, pride goeth before a fall. Also, I should keep in mind that bacon (and ham) make me particularly thirsty and thus should be avoided despite their central nature in British breakfasts.

Off to check the tire pressure on Floria die Fledermoose.

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