Friday, 16 April 2010

On an unexpected (potential) hitch in my plans

Until recently, I doubt many people had heard of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Fewer still could pronounce it. Currently, the name is something a curse word in the circles of European air travel: the danger from the ash of the volcano's current eruption is closing down airspace all over Europe with Great Britain being the first suffer the effects.

With two weeks to go until my departure, I now have doubts as to whether I will be able to get to Britain. Reading this article, it is clear that the vulcanologists simply have no real idea how long or how intense the eruption will be. It is both depressing (from the point of view of my vacation plans) and fascinating (from the scientific point of view) to note that the last time time this volcano blew, the eruption went on for a few years.

I have talked to my superior at work about what would happen if I can't get to Britain and was relieved to know that I would be able to change my vacation dates. However, in real terms, I rather doubt I would be able to fit in the North Britain trip this year. I guess my fall back plan is then biking from Calgary in the late summer. I hope Air Canada will feel generous should I have to change my bookings.

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