Friday, 30 April 2010

On a way of dealing with air travel

I am not a gracious air traveler. I am utterly fascinated with airplanes and could probably tell you more than you would want to know about them. However, I find the whole business of actually getting to the airport, going through security, etc., then actually strapping my above-average sized self into a seat designed for someone on the small end of average for a flight that will last many hours to be both tiresome and stressful. While some say "just try to sleep it off", I don't necessarily sleep well at home, and in a strange, unpleasant environment of an airplane, well, let us just say I have very rarely got shut-eye in the air.

Anyway to distract and relax myself beforehand, I left work at noon and caught the early showing of Gunless, a movie staring Paul Gross. Set somewhere in Western Canada (either Alberta or B.C.) in the late 19th century I was very amused when late in the film, the main characters go to a NWMP dance at what I recognized as the reconstruction of Fort Langley which was many miles from the dry landscape depicted in the rest of the film!

Time to go.

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