Friday, 6 July 2012

On getting Leonardo into a Ford Focus

The nice big box that MEC provided was too big to fit into the trunk of the Ford Focus that the rental company provided me with at Trudeau Airport. I had asked for a Dodge Caliber hatchback, but they didn't have one. Thinking laterally, I took Leonardo out of the box, collapsed the box and put it the trunk (with the rear seats down) and then put the disassembled Leonardo on top of it.

I was the only guest in my dorm room yesterday evening. I fell asleep only to be woken by someone arriving quite late. I said "Hi." and turned over to go back to sleep as he settled in and took a shower. A certain time later, I had the impression of being shaken awake and consequently awoke with a start and a yelp. In fact, it was my roommate who was simply climbing into his upper bunk of the slightly wobbly bunk bed. He was startled by my yelp.

Two more people arrived in my dorm room in the wee hours which tended to interrupt my sleep. I guess I might have got the last laugh, as I got up at my planned time of 7 AM and proceeded to pack my remaining bits of gear and leave. That will disturb others no matter how had you try.

By some fluke, I had a row to myself on my WestJet flight, which I exploited by lying down on the three seats available to me. Then something unusual happened: I fell asleep! It was a pity the flight was only 2 hours long!

Oh, yeah. I have noticed that the paragraphing of my blog entries hasn't been working. I will deal with it anon.

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Susan Gwyn said...

So welcome home! We'll miss the blogs.