Wednesday, 4 July 2012

On where next year's trip will be and other musings

After visiting the childhood home of Gabrielle Roy and the Royal Canadian Mint (where I acquired some of the last Canadian pennies ever made barring severe deflation) I took in "Brave", this year's Pixar offering. As usual in medieval based movies, there aren't enough peasants and farms in the background to support the aristocrats. However, the Scottish-oid landscape and wild Celtic music have firmly cemented where my next major bike trip will be: Scotland!

In other thoughts, this morning I was walking back from MEC with a large bike box through the rain when a woman asked in good humour if I had a ghost in the box! I did a double take before noticing that the box was from a Ghost bicycle, a German brand that MEC is selling these days!

In further musings, yesterday, I had a weird feeling of being very far removed from the guy who set out from Calgary. Or possibly being very far removed from Calgary.

Winnipeg is quite a different place than Calgary. Much more liberal, ethnically diverse and poorer. A side effect of this is a more visible police presence. As well, the police seems to give off a vibe of a force facing a serious challenge in law enforcement. Police cars are only black and white and uniforms are black.

Makes me glad I handed the license plate into the RCMP! Actually, they first said it should have gone to the local cops until I pointed out that I had found it outside of city limits. As well the window I was directed to was marked "Major Crimes", something I made clear that my query did not particularly represent!

Anyway, tomorrow I will having breakfast with Raymond so best get some shut-eye.

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