Tuesday, 17 July 2012

On what I might do after John's wedding

Margo and Chris' son John will be getting hitched in Victoria in August. I will be there, as will Leonardo. Well, actually Leonardo will be there for the ride. Actually, for me to ride, as I see little point in going all the way out to Victoria without getting in some biking.

My plan is, after the wedding, to take the ferry to Port Angeles and go visit Seattle. Among the target destinations are no less than 3 aviation museums (Messrs William Boeing and Paul Allen being "notoriously" aviation minded Seattle residents).

Anyway, I was poking around GoogleMaps about how to get from Port Angeles to Seattle when I noticed the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, a little North of Sequim. This triggered a memory from my first bike tour with Margo and Chris. We had thought about paying it a visit but as it was pouring with rain that day, we passed over it in favour of making the ferry to Victoria. However, why not give it a looksee this time around? It would make a relaxed day. Leave the hotel in Sidney, catch the 10:30 ferry to Port Angeles, have lunch and see the Dungeness spit and wildlife refuge in the afternoon. Then spend the night in Sequim or thereabouts.

Of course, this assumes the weather won't be foul with rain.

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Margo and Chris said...

Make sure to have a lunch or dinner of Dungeness crab!