Thursday, 5 July 2012

On my last day in Winnipeg

So here I am on my last evening in Winnipeg, with little to do.

I met Raymond for breakfast. He seems to have taken more time than I did getting to Winnipeg. However, he's off for Ontario. At least, I hope he is. If he gets as far as chez moi in Montreal, I'll crack open a bottle of bubbly in his honour.

Afterwards, I biked to Assiniboine Park. I sort of thought I'd go to the zoo in order to see bison, but as I could see bunch through the fence including some cream (white) ones, I figured I'd skip it. I then went on a bit of a goose chase trying to find two attractions that weren't what I thought they'd be. I ended up settling for the Winnipeg rail museum where I also saw an East-bound Canadian stopping before its 36-hour run to Toronto, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery (or WAG).

Coming back from the latter, I cut through the Bay store. It seemed less vibrant than the Montreal one.

Back at the hostel, I packed Leonardo. I had trouble with getting the pedals off. Note to self: be sure to grease them thoroughly when get home. He's also got some glitches with the derailleur that needs looking into.

I then sorted my clobber into needed on flight and not needed on flight categories. The latter was stuffed into my duffle bag.

In the former category, I have included a Playmobil spandex cyclist and road racer bike. The comes complete with helmet and biking sunglasses. I picked him up at a toy store yesterday. Possibly because of the Olympics, Playmobil has a line of summer sports figurines. A disconcerting set was women's beach volley ball, itself a disconcerting Olympic event.

Anyway, I am checked in with WestJet. I have also avoided a snag with my car rental at Trudeau, so am I pretty much ready for tomorrow. It's been a decent ride with good days (230 km) and bad days (losing my sandals).

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