Saturday, 20 September 2014

On a good morning's ride

Just a quick word to say that after leaving Alice, Mark, Maria, Anna and little Kerry in lovely, misty Clearwater this morning at 8:30, I am now in Barriere for lunch at noon!  I have made good time in very good conditions: sunshine, cool still air and a level road with lovely shoulders.  I am a little short of halfway to Kamloops and the second bit has more hills.

 Still, lots of gorgeous scenery to say the least. During my second breakfast at the High Five in Little Fort, the waiter asked the slightly silly question: "How was Little Fort different from Montreal?"

I had been a little apprehensive this morning as today is a shade long for a first day. As well, while driving back from Kamloops yesterday with Alice and the nieces, I had noticed a respectable South wind was blowing up the North Thompson River Valley. However, this morning has gone very well, touch wood, touch wood.

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