Monday, 22 September 2014

On a tiring day

I am in Princeton but Internet coverage is limited, so this will be shortish. The day began with a bannock breakfast sandwich at the Kekuli Bannock Café. Their bannock is a damn sight better than mine. It puts Timmy's breakfast biscuit sandwichs in the shade.

I had a sweaty climb out of the Nicola Valley that seemed to take forever. The only good thing was finding a Blu-ray container with the disk intact alongside the road. Unfortunately, it was for a movie called "The Conjuring" which doesn't interest me! ;-)

Beyond the ridge top, Highway 5A wound along under increasingly cloudy and colder skies which eventually gave rise to sprinkling rain. At Guildford Lake rest stop, I stopped to investigate a suspected slow leak. There was a leak (lakes are useful for finding leaks) and an obvious cause which I dealt with. While I was working, a truck pulling a horse and bedroom trailer pulled up and its three human occupants led three horse out to stretch their legs, have a drink and graze on the local vegetation! A little later, an older couple pulled up for a pit stop for them and their two dogs. The man regaled me with tales of having crossed Canada by bike in 1969 and of having travelled by train in Newfoundland in 1981.

Penticton tomorrow is the plan.

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Margo and Chris said...

My sourdough English muffins are better than anybody's bannock, if I do say so myself!