Sunday, 21 September 2014

On a good supper

Kamloops, I was displeased to discover yesterday with Alice and the Girls, is built on the side of a rather tall and somewhat steep hill. My motel is part of the way up, sufficiently far from the lower downtown core that I was reluctant to either walk or ride down. I asked at the employee at the motel where dinner might be obtained in reasonably closely. He suggested a restaurant at the Howard Johnson a few doors up. I set off in search of it and never made.

Instead, I found an Indian Restaurant one door up which had what needed. It wasn't the best Indian I have had (that honour goes to Mother India in Glasgow), but it hit the spot. The restaurant has views out over lower parts of Kamloops, visible in the darkness as shimmering lights. It disconcertingly allowed me to see planes fly by at roughly eye level on approach to the airport.

I will have to climb further tomorrow on my way to Merritt. My estimate is "only" a little less than 100 kms compared to the 125+ kms I estimated for today.

For those of you who are interested: raita, nan beard, aloo palak, basmati rice and Okanagan Pale Ale.

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