Monday, 8 September 2014

On a tangential acquaintance making the BBC news

On my way to Australia, I had supper in Vancouver airport with Margo and Chris and their Warmshowers guest Masahito Yoshida. He is a Japanese man who had walked across Asia, Europe and North America, pulling a cart full of gear.  He was resting in Vancouver before heading to Australia (indeed, he later stayed with Diane and Rob in Adelaide).  

He crossed Australia then walked up the Eastern coast of Asia (more or less) and back to Japan.  Now it seems he starting out again.  This time, he is walking from Egypt to South Africa.  I am friends with him on Facebook so I had been aware of this.  Imagine my surprise when I see an article about him on the BBC's website in its "News from Elsewhere" section.  

Good luck to you Masahito!  Have a safe journey!

Update: It turns out Masahito wasn't Warmshowers.  Please see Margo or Chris' comment for details.  When I first wrote this entry, I thought about putting a caveat regarding Masahito's exact status as they host a variety of "waifs and strays" not only Warmshowers cyclists and I am never quite sure about which of their guests is what.  However, I didn't for sake of brevity and look where that got me! ;-)

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Margo and Chris said...

Not a Warmshowers guest, exactly. Warmshowers is for cyclists (who sign up online) whereas we were cycling and Masahito was walking when we met him in western China in April 2009 near Hami, which is in the Turpan Basin. He stayed with us in Vancouver October 2011, having walked across the rest of Asia, and across Europe and North America.