Thursday, 21 August 2008

On getting me moose, b'ye!

Well, I made it. I got to Norris Point yesterday afternoon after some tough biking made more problematic by rain and wind. The road was tough with plenty of hills one of which I was very happy that I was going down and not up. In addition, I left under significant rain. It eased off after a spell, to the point that I no longer needed full rain gear. However, it wasn't warm and there was a fair bit of wind. Just before I entered Gros Morne park I changed my cycling jersey for a drier one. My outfit still wasn't optimum so eventually I changed again, this time into the merino shirt and my cycling tights. That worked quite well.

As I cycled through Gros Morne park, I reflected on the fact that I had yet to see a moose on the hoof. (I had seen a moose hoof, but that's another story.) I called out "Here, moosey, moosey, moosey," but none reared its head.

Then it happened. I was at the junction to the road that lead to Norris Point. Across from me were a number of signs for B&Bs and restaurants and, lurking among them, a cow moose. We looked at each other for a few seconds, then she turned away, and disappeared in a high-stepping trot into the dense woods.
This is where I saw the moose

I chortled out loud at the coincidence. I suspect that had anyone heard me, they might have questioned my sanity. Of course, many people question my sanity for biking as much as I do!

Mark was at home to greet me. Alice soon joined us and brought out the bubbly to celebrate my achievement. Exclesior!!!

Gros Morne Park is beautiful if at the mercy of the weather. I can't write long as the Norris Point Public Library will be closing shortly.

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