Friday, 1 August 2008

On an imminent departure

Well folks, after nearly a year of planning and fretting the day of reckoning is nigh. Part 2 of the trip begins tomorrow, at around 5 AM when I should be awoken by my alarm and head off to the bus station to catch the bus to Le Bic, my bike and points East. Tomorrow's riding should be relatively light, only a little over 50 k. What I am more worried about is making the change of buses in Ste-Foy. (Funny, I remember crossing the St-Lawrence to Ste-Foy in the bus coming back from Le Bic but I don't remember re-crossing the river. How strange is one's memory.) While the two buses are from the same company, the timing is relatively tight. On the other hand, past experience indicates that the bus company does make an effort to make the connections work despite the lateness of their buses.

I have nearly finished packing, cleaning the apartment so my mother won't whine too much when she stays here next week and have organised Mo-Cuz into dealing with my mail. I have also replaced the red MEC turtle light on my helmet for a new one, topped up my cell phone with both cash and juice and partaken of the official drink of the expedition, a.k.a. the Newfie Vesper.

A good start to the vacation, even if I do say so myself.

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