Wednesday, 6 August 2008

On good weather at last

I am in Bathurst, New Brunswick, after two days of good weather. Very sunny but not too warm. I went swimming in the ocean near Dalhousie yesterday. I am not sure when was the last time I swam in the sea. For a while, the last time I knew I did was in the Mediterranean in 1987! However, I have just remembered that I swam with dusky dolphins off New Zealand in December, 2002, so it doesn't seem that bad.
From Campbellton to Bathurst, I have been following Highway 134 to the South. Looking at the map last night, I noticed that from the train station in Moncton, I will be taking the 134 North to get to Shediac.

In case I forgot to mention, I will be taking the train from Bathurst tomorrow morning for Moncton. This will give more time in Gros Morne.

The biking has been pretty good in New Brunswick, partly because of the good weather but also because the 134 is the old highway. Highway 11 is parallel to it and thus absorbs most of the through traffic. The scenery is very nice if unspectacular.

Right now, I am feeling very confident about my biking ability. Part of me thinks this trip will be a piece of cake! The paranoid side of me is waiting for the other boot to drop.

All for now. I am going to check out the train station and look for a bike shop. Bye.

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Margo & Chris said...

Stop waiting for the other boot;
enjoy the moment!