Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On a good day

I surprised myself on Wednesday by chilling. I started by badly cooking up some bacon and eggs on what turned out to be the worst stove in the hostel. I then climbed up to Chatauqua Peak where I stopped to chill at a couple of cliff tops where I could see both the valley in Grampians peaks and the hazy level plain stretching off into nothingness.
I moseyed back into town for a light lunch lunch followed by some hokey pokey ice cream, not unlike dulce de leche as to taste. After getting some stamps at the post office counter of an outdoors equipment store(!) I returned to the hostel but not before photographing an echidna opposite it. I then washed some socks and underwear before finding a lounge chair on which I read my book whilst listening to Midnight Oil on the iPhone.
Jason, one half of the staff at the hostel and a Peter Jackson look alike, not only recognized my Moosehead T-shirt for what it was but also commented favourably on the beer. Apparently, a few years back, he and friend had been touring in the U.S. where they found the beer to be like making love in a canoe. They went to a bottle shop (to use the Australianism) and looked around to find something more drinkable. Moosehead proved to be the winner. Since then he has a favourable memory of St-John, New Brunswick's finest brew.

Earlier in the day, I bought a packet of Tim-Tams which proved sinful as advertised.

I had some very good Indian food for supper before heading off to bed. That was a pretty good day.

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