Friday, 28 October 2011

On the net, back

I now in Bordertown after a hard and later wet slog over the last day and a half. From Horsham, where I had lunch yesterday, to Kaniva this afternoon, I faced frustrating headwinds winds that reduced what should have been some great riding to a snail's paced grind. In Princetown, I happened to explain to the ex-Amsterdam hostel keeper that if I could keep above 20 kph, I was generally happy. He was overly impressed with my off-hand remark. Today, I reflected, the reverse is that when I can't do 20 on the flat, I get unhappy! As I left Kaniva, it began to rain. This had the salutary effect of reducing the headwind to a negligible level making for better time to South Australia. I have already mentioned to two people that I preferred the rain to the wind!
More later, time for a pre-supper doze.

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