Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On a new plan

I have spent much of the day sorting out where I go from here. I think I now have a workable plan. I will spend an extra day here in Hall's Gap to get in a hike and have a relatively chill day. (Which is probably wishful thinking, given my highly strung nature.) I will spend the next two days riding West to Border Town in South Australia, where I will catch the train to Adelaide. In Adelaide, I will spend a few days with Diane and her husband Rob. Diane is an old friend of Margo. She has a strong place in family lore as the original owner of Tenzing the Cat, who was also part of family lore.
I would like send a big thank you to Margo for having rapidly given me the intro to Diane and Rob whom I would also like to thank. Simon, my roommate, last night was also very helpful with background information about this large country.

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