Sunday, 23 October 2011

On a hitch in my plans

Sorry if I haven't posted in a while but yesterday had me away from wi-fi. I have a partially written blog entry about yesterday, but it will wait.

My plan had been to head out of Hall's Gap to Horsham on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the road I was going to use was washed out a while back and still isn't repaired. There is a possible detour but it it would add something like half a day. I am not sure if I am up to it. The biking hasn't been feeling natural or easy, though I have had relatively poor luck with the wind, especially the stiff North wind yesterday. In a word, I think I have had to push myself too hard to do what I planned.

Part of me would like to catch a train to Adelaide from a nearby town and then the Indian Pacific to Broken Hill. Or some variation thereof. Then again, I am cold and damp right now in the Livefast Lifestyle Cafe waiting for the Hostel to open.

Why am I not happy looking at the white parrots outside?

Other considerations include the longer distances I will have face in desert with relatively little water. At a certain level, the desert scares me.

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