Monday, 10 October 2011

On why I will be taking binoculars with me

I was going to summarise it in one word, namely "galahs", except when I looked up the word in Wikipedia, it wasn't one of the birds I had seen in Ned Kelly, the 2003 movie starring Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom. Those birds were mostly green with some very colourful patches around the head. That probably makes them lorikeets of some description. (I now think they were rainbow lorikeets or Australian ringnecks, but I could be wrong.)

The point is that this post has already led me to find out that there are 50 plus species of parrot in Australia. As my definite exposure to wild parrots is limited to some kea and my possible exposure to a glimpse of a kaka, I'll be damned if I let the opportunity to engage in some serious parrot watching slip past me! There will also be kookaburras, wedgies and what have you!

In other packing news, I have done a goodly amount of packing: Leonardo is boxed except for the seat which is currently on Floria and my duffle and carry on bags have been partially filled. I have been using an adapted version of the list I had devised with Margo's assistance for Newfoundland. As a number of items will not be available to be packed until the day I leave, assuming I leave, and others have multiple locations, I have been ticking off the various bits using a variety of coloured highlighters that I acquired for map annotation way back when I was planning my first trip to Newfoundland! Blue highlights mean my blue carry-on bag (i.e. one of my rear panniers), orange means my red duffle bag, green means stuff I will be wearing on the plane, and yellow is for things I can't pack until Saturday. Unfortunately, my bike computer is now AWOL.

After being threatened with railway shares, the bike computer resurfaced.

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