Saturday, 16 June 2012

On beer in the Ship and Anchor Pub

Who the Hell orders Old Milwaukee in a can at a pub where you get Wild Rose draft beers? Sitting near the serving area for the waitresses reveals that it all too common an order. It also reveals that orders of Red Bull and Jagermeister shots is all too common.

The Ship and Anchor Pub showed up on my working list of places to go on this trip. I am not entirely sure of how it got there. However, it was also on a list of pubs put out by the hostel and it serves beer from the Wild Rose Brewery so its place on my list isn't without merit. Wild Rose beer is very good. I have had a pint of four different varieties they brew over the last two days and only the Velvet Fog was a disappointment.

Anyway, I went to the Ship and Anchor Pub get some grub and, dare I say it, some beer. It being a Saturday night, there was a large crowd, but I managed to find a seat at the bar. I ordered a Wild Rose IPA and some curry. My experience was mildly soured by a drunk guy who sat next down to me. It was barely 7 PM and the bartender was refusing to serve him spirits! Albertans for you. I had semi-playful "what-if" visions of him starting a barfight with me in the middle. Thankfully, he decamped before he became a real problem.

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