Sunday, 24 June 2012

On llamas in unlikely places

I opted to head back to and along the T-Can today. My logic was that this would spread my exposure to the Easterly winds over a couple of days. The planned distance was 131 kms. Unfortunately, after I had committed to it I noticed that I had missed a 9 km section in my caculations. This was going to be a long day and in order get in a visit to the T-Rex centre, I had to start late. Consequently, it was 7:30 PM when I arrived at the first motel in Swift Current after 8 hours of relatively slow biking, including a three and a half hour slog along the Trans-Canada. However, the T-Rex centre was worth it and I am now in position for a short day tomorrow that sets up a reasonable day to get to Moose Jaw the next day.

As I left Eastend, I passed an old farm site covered with assorted farm machinery in various states of disrepair. That wasn't that atypical. However, the presence of llamas was atypical. You read that right: llamas. I wondered in a humorous vein if the llamas were also abandonned farm equipment! I didn't stop for a picture as I only noticed the llamas a bit too late for a photo and I didn't want to turn back. Just to prove that it wasn't a total fluke, there was another such abandoned farm, only with more llamas! This time I stopped for photograph the scene.
 As I approached the town of Shaunavon and lunch, my iPhone rang with a call from Margo. As lunch was also calling, the call was a short one. After eating lunch and watching an auction in progress, I headed North to Gull Lake. Along the way, a disturbed a pair of pronghorns who were in the ditch. They moved away then stopped to assess me as I dug out the camera. They then scarppered away to a small herd farther away that I hadn't noticed.

I zoomed down a hill, past a stereotypically beefy Hereford bull and into Gull Lake. At the highway gas station I bought some milk and juice. As I drank them on the porch. The Chinese(?) owner came out and gave me an apple. We chatted for a bit. Then there was no more stalling as I had to face the 56 km grind into the wind. Having had the time to adjust I was able to just keep pedaling at low speed. So here I am in Swift Current.

Time for bed.

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