Sunday, 24 June 2012

On making headway

Well, I am farther along the Trans-Canada than I anticipated today. The weather forecast when I got to Herbert, SK, was for more of the same for tomorrow (i.e. strong contrary winds) so I decide to make a bid for the town of Chaplin which had finally revealed the fact that it had a hotel.

Shortly before getting to Herbert, I'd stopped to eat a banana. Unable to eat it and ride at the same time, and unwilling to stop completely, walked the bike as I munched. I was surprised when a passing driver stopped to see if I needed help! These Prairie folks sure are decent.

Shortly before I got to the town of Morse (my original destination) the highway went along side a good sized lake with all kinds of waterfowl in evidence. How I wished I had my bird book on hand. Among the fowl were some Canada geese with goslings that were much bigger than the goslings I had seen in the Cypress Hills. Altitude/climate difference?

About this time, saw a red spot up ahead that came to reveal itself as a fellow cycle-tourer. I was a little hesitant as he was doing his journey to raise money for MS. I believe my readers are aware of my antipathy towards cycling for causes. Anyway, the cyclist was a young (21) guy from Vancouver, born in Hong Kong called Raymond. We chatted as we rode on before coming to a salt lake(!) and Chaplin. We have ended up sharing a room tonight and we will see how we get along tomorrow.
Interestingly enough, he was wondering if there was a technique I was using to get up hills with the relative ease he saw I had. I didn't have anything to offer except that I had more relative weight to throw around. Raymond is a skinny guy of about 110 lbs whereas I was 178 the last time I weighed myself. As our loaded bikes both come in at about 80 lbs, I have an "unfair" advantage. I also have the advantage having been riding road bikes longer than he had been alive as well as nearly seven years of biking touring experience under my belt. This is his first trip. So I think I will stay with him for a bit to guide him.


Susan Gwyn said...

Your cousin Rebecca Gwyn has just been diagnosed with MS.

Philip said...

Distances calibrated in km, but body weight in lbs. :-)