Friday, 15 June 2012

On WestJet flight 655

My restlessness is matched by my fatigue. It is only 10:24, Montreal time but I feel ready for bed. Fortunately, Calgary is only an hour away. I had thought that this would be a flight into darkness, but this 737 is flying on golden light. I can see Saskatchewan below with what looks like a river valley. Unfortunately, our great circle routing means the flight is well to the North of my relatively border-hugging intended route.

WestJet's inflight entertainment screens seem small compared to Air Canada's. Also, my seat's audio jack doesn't like my Apple earbuds.

To top it it off, I am surprised at how disconnected with "modern" Canadian broadcast television. My mother and other media skeptics of my circle would probably say this is a good thing, yet I can't help but wonder about it says about our media society that it somehow isn't meeting my requirements. Yes, I might be considered an oddball on the outskirts, but I am probably not that far out of the norm. If can refer to my earlier post regarding Bixis, while I am tall, I am not extremely tall. Yet the Bixis are designed for a shorter range of people, and I suspect a too narrow range at that. Could this be used as an analogy with mainstream media? Probably an imponderable and as we have begun our descent to Calgary, I am going to put away the iPhone. It is still daylight out. 10:50 Mtl time

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