Wednesday, 25 June 2008

On creating new problems

Of course, having examined the Excel file with time and distances, the problem becomes the realization that the worst sections are the hardest the reduce in the length. The Newfoundland sector in particular is very annoying as there are several long bits that are relatively unavoidable as well as being likely rather tough ones. I think I will need to get me sister to scout out a B&B or two to break the journey properly.

One unfortunate conclusion is that I will have to forgo the pleasure of biking the Acadian Peninsula. More fortuitously, I also have come across the fact that it would be reasonably cheap and convenient to take the train from Bathurst to Miramichi thus avoiding the relatively dreary ride between them. The catch is that I may have to fight the urge to take the train as far as Moncton. This would compress three days of biking into one, but would mean I wouldn't go near Kouchibouguac National Park. Mind you that would spare me from having to pronounce it. ;-)

This would also have the effect of curtailing my time in New Brunswick, almost reducing my time in the province to mere transit. This would put me in league with the vast majority of travelers to Atlantic Canada. Years ago, the Frantics had a three-episode radio show dealing with New Brunswick's supposed dislike of tourists in transit.

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