Wednesday, 4 June 2008

On Leonardo becoming the Moosebike

I had been meaning for some time to put a moose sticker onto Leonardo (my touring bike) partly in honour of this blog. However, I have yet to find a moose sticker for sale. Not even for ready money.

Consequently, I was forced to use my not inconsiderable ingenuity to make a moose sticker. I found some 3 inch wide chrome tape at a branch of Canadian Tire. I found a moose silhouette on the web. After adjusting the image to the desired size, I printed it. I then glued the image onto the backing of the chrome tape. After letting the glue dry overnight, I cut out the image, then peeled off the chrome sticker before applying it to Leonardo. Obviously, the image was the reverse of the one I printed, but I had anticipated this. While the moose sticker isn't as nice looking as the bull stickers from Spain, que sera, sera.

I can now refer to Leonardo as the Moosebike. Should I want to, that is.

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