Sunday, 8 June 2008

On the uses of chemicals from MEC

This is the last weekend before I leave on the first part of the trip. I have spent part of the weekend getting ready. This includes waterproofing maps and Gore-tex. I have done the latter before, but the former is a first. As I will be mostly relying on the Route Verte guide, I have only two, informal maps to deal with. The first is a colour photocopy of one page of my Quebec Road Atlas on which I have printed information as to where I will be staying. The second is a double sided colour print-out of where I will be going on this trip i.e. these two images.
The idea is to be able to show to people what I plan to do and later what I have done.

Getting back to the title of this post, I am finding it a mite amusing that I am "playing" with chemicals that came from the MEC, a "green" company. Having said that, I can probably be reasonably sure that the chemicals were chosen with a view to minimizing their environmental impact whilst still delivering the desired waterproofing.

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