Friday, 13 June 2008

On final preparations

In light of the rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday, I am going to leave camping gear (sleeping bag, mat and bivouac sack) behind. Monday was the only night I would possibly be sleeping out on this part of the trip and I can bring the camping gear on the bus with relative ease. It would have good to see how well it worked but "que sera, sera". I have a tendency to over pack so I now be able to figure out what I need to leave out for the longer part of the trip.

While rain is in the forecast, I should be able to dodge most of it. Tomorrow's rain only begins in the afternoon. With luck and an early start, I just might be able to dodge most if not all of it.

Tomorrow's route will take me to Granby and probably Waterloo, where a parent will meet me with car. I will spend the night in North Hatley with them. On Sunday, my mother and I will drive to Acton Vale for the Acton Vale Challenge (which touches Saturday's route). I will spend Sunday night in Acton Vale. Back to packing.

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